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At the Puratos Freshness Lab, we’re helping the baking industry deliver the world’s freshest cake solutions. Read all about it in our two whitepapers…

Delivering freshness solutions that help you increase consumer satisfaction and the profitability of your cakes is one of the most important things we do. Behind our freshness commitment, you’ll find one of most accomplished teams of food scientists, engineers, bakers and market experts in the cake industry.

In the white papers below, these experts share the ideas and innovations that are guiding new developments in cakes everywhere. From the key trends that are shaping your business to the science of longer shelf life, you’ll find plenty of fresh and provocative ideas in our white papers below.

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Consumer Research Report

Would you like to know what freshness means to consumers? Are you hungry to discover why freshness drives repeat purchase? Our latest whitepaper discusses:

  • Cake consumption habits with a focus on UK consumers
  • Why pre-packed cakes are the first choice
  • The ideal cake experience for consumers
  • Why freshness is a key driver of consumer satisfaction and loyalty

Download this paper to unlock the secret recipe to meet consumer expectation and drive revenue growth.

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Innovation White Paper

Providing cake producers with an overview of the science behind the benefits of bringing cake improvers and fillings together in the perspective of cake freshness, this paper sets out the current trends driving this new product development. 
With an initial focus on the challenges faced in industrial and more bespoke production environments, here you’ll learn about the opportunities to meet and exceed consumer expectation through cake innovations that not only deliver superior texture, taste and enjoyment, but also support desirable nutritional profile claims too.

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Business White Paper

Whether you seek to increase the freshness of your cakes, or extend that freshness over time, cake freshness is one of the most important challenges you face in the cake market. This white paper presents the key data behind cake trends and the consumer’s preference for freshness, and explores the principle ways that freshness increases margins, productivity, distribution and ultimately cake profitability. It’s must-read fresh thinking from the freshness experts at Puratos.

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Technical White Paper

More freshness translates to softer cakes and longer shelf life – and greater consumer satisfaction. But to achieve these goals, important factors such as moisture and texture, taste and food safety issues must be addressed. This white paper presents the fundamental concepts behind cake freshness, including strategies for combating staling, chemical spoilage and microbial spoilage. You’ll also learn the role Acti-Fresh can play in significantly extending the shelf life of your cakes.

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Saving calculator

The Acti-Fresh value calculator helps you understand the role Acti-Fresh can play in growing your sales and your margins. The demo shows the Acti-Fresh effect on your total costs by looking at recipe, packaging, production and stale return costs. You'll understand the dynamics of how Acti-Fresh optimizes your operations and allows you to capture greater value from new trends in cakes and snacking.

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