Discover the future of freshness – with Acti-Fresh

Acti-Fresh: for fresher cakes

Acti-Fresh, is a unique enzyme and emulsifier based cake improver. By exploiting the specific properties of different types of enzymes and emulsifiers, Acti-Fresh conserves a cake's freshness by enhancing the four dimensions that determine freshness: softness, moistness, resiliency and cohesiveness.

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Performance by Puratos innovation!

Since 2008, Acti-Fresh has been improving the freshness of cream cakes, pound cakes, layer cakes, muffins, cake donuts and more. As the pioneer in cake freshness, today we put our expertise in cake science at the service of our customers. Tests show that consumers perceive an immediate gain in cake freshness when Acti-Fresh is integrated to cake.

Analytical evaluation with texture analyzer and sensory evaluation by an expert panel as well as consumer tests show that Acti-Fresh provides cakes with significantly prolonged freshness.

Freshness – it can also extend the life of your business

Nothing keeps your brand fresher in the mind of your market than freshness itself. In fact, consumer surveys have established that freshness is the number one criterion in consumer satisfaction when evaluating a cake. And when consumer are satisfied, they buy your products again and again.

Enhancing cakes and margins

Acti-Fresh improves your margins by optimizing your production and distribution costs and by reducing waste. In fact, by extending the freshness during the shelf life of your cakes with Acti-Fresh you'll have significantly fewer stale returns. Make Acti-Fresh part of your recipe to optimize your total cake cost. Watch the Acti-Fresh Value Calculator demo to discover the potential savings.

Grow your market

By increasing the shelf life of your cakes, Acti-Fresh lets you distribute your products over a larger geographical area. That means with Acti-Fresh you can grow your market by increasing the loyalty of existing customers, and by gaining new customers further afield.